Rotating Elevator

In classic systems, the elevator will perform only up and

down movements.Yükseliş Elevator’ rotating design allows

the elevator to also turn on its axis. In order for the elevator to be able to do this, the cabin must be fully rounded and the doors must be engineered so as to move radially. Accessing different floors in different directions can be achieved in classic elevator system, but this requires multiple entranc- es. This can create problems for the architect, however, as having mul- tiple entrances places restrictions on the interior design of the cabin, and requires the use of more space in the elevator well. Thanks to Rotating Elevator design, the elevator cabin can access different floors in different directions without the need more than one entrance. This makes possible a more-pleasing cabin, while also saving space. The Rotating Elevator offer architects flexibility in their building designs when space limitations or other considerations come into play; however, the building must be designed in accordance with the Rotating Elevator.