Elevator World Turkey August 2017
27 октября 2018
Elevator World Turkey April 2017
27 октября 2018

However, it is such a condition that it resembles human life; it sometimes progresses, sometimes regresses, sometimes advances, and sometimes goes to the contrary.

In this manner, one of the given answers to different needs such as life’s realities, feelings, is the solution produced by Yükseliş Horizontal Elevator, which is like referring to our lives’ hills and our uprisings.

The horizontal elevator produced in Ankara by Yükseliş Elevator deserves to put in the spotlight in terms of showing the point that Turkish engineering and our sector reach. Once all visitors entered into the hall in Elevator Istanbul 2017, they looked unwillingly at this horizontal elevator moving up and down with a comfort like a sport car. It has 1-millimeter stitches in anthracite color, yellow-striped seats following the edges, air-conditioning, panoramic Windows and camera. Secure, assuring doors appear like they can’t be opened by other powers apart from their own system. Its speed is of the level that is equally as good as recent modern high-speed elevators. Maximum speed can rise to 2.5 mps.

The horizontal elevator confronting us in many places abroad wasn’t reinvented, but was reinterpreted. Each line, detail, electronics, engine, carrier, door and bolt was interpreted, one by one.

In all conditions that require advance while progressing, regardless of condition and length, it is a system that won’t make you tired in difficult situations, and will reach its target.

Automatic sliding doors, bidirectional communication systems, speed control and bidirectional brake device.

Comfort machine creates a secure drive thanks to many reasons, like processed guide rails, and significant technical details including 2.5 mps and maximum capacity of 2000 kg. The power of meeting the most difficult expectations for travel with variable slopes and height, fairly environmental with line back feed systems, low maintenance cost, low installation expenses, control systems, CCTV camera, air-conditioning, remote monitoring, door security equipment and many more innovations. Yükseliş Elevator enables us to be proud of producing with Turkish engineers in its facility in Ankara