Message from the Chairman

We ascribe a genius meaning to our brand name and system, with our sectoral experience oncoming half century, in built on solid basis strong commercial relations, stretegic partnerships and compassionate professional team. We intended that system could be improving day to day and self-developing, not only individual but also for sector and society. We identify ourself as “Yükseliş” (Meaning: Rising, Elevation) for always remembering to not forget our key values and rise our company whenever our brand is called. Today, we see that, all of our team including new colleagues are considering our intended values from the past. This makes us very happy and proudly. – We will obey all govermental responsibilities when we were doing business. – We will follow the latest technology and go further without sacrificing quality and innovation. – We will respect all values that added by our team – We will not sacrifice from “Quality”, “Technology”, “Fairness” and “Fair Trade” values and will provide sustainability. Thanks again to all people from our team for using all values above. I absolutely believe that all our team will continue to be productive, innovate, and honesty. I wish that they will continue to keep our company’s sector leader position.

Yüksel TEPE (Yükseliş Elevator Chairman of The Board)