Customer Satisfaction Survey

Dear Customer;

This questionnaire aims to measure "Customer Satisfaction" and make continous development of Quality Management System by taking corporations and individual's opinions about Yükseliş Elevator. Questions are prepared as closed-ended questions. Please mark which answer is better for you. If you want to describe something verbally, please use the description part at the end of the questionnaire form.

1. Which option describes Yükseliş Elevator brand for you?
Very PositivePositiveMediocreNegativeVery Negative

2.How do you find the timing of response for your requests?
Very FastPositiveMediocreNegativeVery Negative

3. Does your customer representative give qualified answers to you?

4.When you call Yükseliş, do you find authorized and knowledgeable staff for getting answers of your questions?
Always findMostly findSometimes findUsually do not findStaff is inadequate and careless

5. How do you think our staff knows your company?

Very niceGoodFairFewVery few

6.How do you evaluate our staff's attitude towards your company?
Very niceGoodMediocreBad

7.What is the level of product and service information of our staff?
Very niceGoodMediocreBadVery Bad

8.How do you evaluate the quality of product and service that you have purchased?
Very niceGoodMediocreBadVery bad

9.How is the pricing of Yükseliş Elevator when you compare it to elevator market?

Very niceGoodMediocreHighVery high

10.How do you find Yükseliş Elevator's length of term?

Very fastFastMediocreSlowVery slow

11.How do you rate elevator service / after-sales service of Yükseliş Elevator?
Very niceGoodMediocreBadVery bad

12.If you submit your complaints to our firm, how do you rate the measurement and evaluation of your complaints?
Very niceGoodMediocreBadVery bad

Thank you for your time and interest