Human Resources

Quality is a necessity for us …

It is a fact that the products we have produced facilitate the human life. We aware the importance of product quality that we manufacture, is relevant to human safety. For this reason, we apply our quality management policy successfully, add value to the elevator sector, and make life easier.

Our most valuable asset is our staff …

We are growing by our honest, hardworking and faithful staff with giving professional educations and seminars.

We always follow up the future…

We offer the latest and the best solutions due to customers’ needs with research and develop intensively.

Our approach for manufacturing…

We undertake as a duty of contributing the economy of our company and country with manufacturing maximum productivity and minimum mistake by continuous improvement and producing high value added and high quality products.

We work as a team, we success as a team …

Our personnel works in tandem, without making discrimination on white and blue collars, based on “many hands make light work” saying . We ensure that the process works best which begins from offer to delivery periods. The added value of our team’s activity is reflect on our quality and bring success.



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We are confident that what we work with is associated with experience, knowledge, and character. In order to work with the most professionals, the search continues.

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