Inclined Elevator

Inclined elevator

Ergonomics; Everyone’s key factor in personal, social and Professional life. Climbing uphills in safety and comfort of the inclined elevators in any shape and size, is possible. Yukselis Elevator, travelling with the inclined elevator is always a privilege!

Enjoy the comfortable usage. Enjoy the view in our spacious and elegant cabins with the panoramic glass walls. Rather get on the elevator that are comfortable any more, will prefer either walk or Yukselis Elevator ! General usage areas; Natural coastal or mountainous areas, public facilities, restaurants, resorts, observation decks …

With Yukselis Elevators, everyone can reach comfortable and safely where they want to go. We care about quality and safety.

Automatic sliding doors and two-way communication systems, important technical details, machined guide rails, provide firstclass and safe usage.

Our capabilities;

  • Up to 2.000 kg capacity , machine roomless solutions and 2,5 m/s speed including , inclined elevators
  • Along with a wide range of optional extras to meet the most demanding expectations, internal or external installations
  • The inclined doors which are installed as front or side
  • Variable inclination and curvilinear travelling
  • The regenerative power supply systems or solar powered motors with low operating and maintenance cost solutions;
  • Pre-installed rails that contribute to the reduction of installation costs, power cables, control systems and motors / gears
  • Among the extras for your safety and comfort: CCTV cameras, air conditions, remote monitoring system, safe landing door system, for operating the doors and data communication wireless devices